Keeping Rugrats at Bay

I just wanted to stop by and ad in a few tricks i have found to keep kids inspired and help parents teach along the way. You can plan day trips with your kids to tire them out and keep them interested. one of my favorites is to go to a museum or haunted house with your kids and ask them to pick out their favorite part for you. You can play it up as boring or super fun and exciting depending on your child’s level of enthusiasm.

I try to find an activity that sounds fun to kids. Then i make a deal with em that they must right a small page if the best and the worst times of the day. Here are a few activities i have tried already.

  • Museumscats
  • Parks
  • The beach
  • Camping
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Dog Park
  • Movies
  • Plays
  • Costume Design

And don’t forget to make them write a list of their skills before and after the activities. You can have them write down all the things they do the best. And write a separate list of all the things they feel they are not good at. This an awesome exercise and can be a very enlightening and great learning experience.

Now the most important part of thi plan is to make the activities the kids choice. What i mean is give them several ideas and ask them for their input. Then make sure the activity you all decide on fitsin your parameters and works for your master plan of creating an original and educational activity. Good luck to all the parents out there and you will need it. take it from an old aunt who watched her nieces and nephews ans was never lucky enough to have kids of my own. And btw if non of this advice or ideas help, just get a cat. Cats are awesome and take little care and if you get a few one will always spend some time with you.

Best Regards

The Cat lady Erma

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