Activities for Kids

Welcome to the wondrous world of child rearing! When it comes to raising your children the best place for advice and or ideas is usually someone who has the the most experience. You can ask your mom and sometimes youchildren¬†won’t have to as she will offer plenty of advice and probably want to be overly involved whether you like it or not. A great choice is to ask your grandma if you are lucky enough to still have her vast knowledge in your life. A psychologist is often the choice of the naive and to well off for their own good crowd. The best source can be right under your nose. Watching and talking to your personal nanny who has raised several children from all different backgrounds and parental examples is often an untapped resource. So make sure you speak the same language. And watch how she persuades her usual spoiled and lazy children into doing their chores and homework so they will have time for themselves. If you ever master this process you may be so advanced you won’t need this page, service or ideas offered here. For the rest of us mortals let’s now take some time to post about what positive activities you can do with your kids to help them relax, have fun and find some time to enjoy their young and innocent childhoods.

So please sit back and do a mental inventory of what you have done or the tools you have used to create fun activities for kids. Or if you have some educational activities that is a plus, so please share! I will open my heart and let you know the often stupid and usually accidental results from the activities I have planned over the years. First, I will tell you my qualifications, I have raised 5 kids and was raised by multiple fathers and a mother that worked way too much to supply an awesome childhood for my sister and I. Even if she was barely there to stop and smell the roses with me.