About the Goals

Here is a good place to try and find some ideas for activities for kids. Not only play activities but pro-active activities that will help us manipulate our children into doing what they need to do. It’s a place for adventure in parenting and a place to steal suggestions. You may laugh and think “oh boy what are they thinking,” or you may cry and say, “thank God someone has walked in my shows before.” We hope you will be stirred to add your two cents to the conversation. Even an idea of a neat science project that does not cost that much money but takes up half a day on the weekend is good. An idea for brushing their teeth is always helpful of course. And if you can get your kids so worn out, you can get them to go to bed at a decent hour without them trying to fist fight you that means you have reached ninja parent levels!

The best parent or guardians have taken this to a new level. they know the ropes and set the bar high with their last personal activity standards. They can come up with an amazing idea at the spur of the moment and execute their idea flawlessly. They will usually have a full arsenal of pre planned activities that are tried and true and hopefully the kids have never even heard of before. they best activities production comes from many years of experience and have become an art form and should be showed off to the rest of the measly percent of parent with no creativity or skills.

So get ready for a full arsenal of shock and awe activities that will leave you completely worn out just from reading about them. You will be amazed and maybe even driven to take of the challenge and flex your activity skills and try to show the world’s your raw and unthinkably awesome ideas for activities that leave the kids begging for more but to worn out and in shock to realize how much they learned along the way.

So let’s hear it! its time time to chime in and have a shot at the title with the best activities this side of the Mississippi.

With Respect

Ninja activities for experts